Debugger problems

Colin L. wrote:

On 30 March 2010 07:01, Dani D. [email protected] wrote:

Now, after running ‘gem install ruby-debug’ I get:
ruby-debug (0.10.3)
ruby-debug-base (0.10.3)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.5)


I’m using xp prof. well, I’ll try today evening again the
‘gem install ruby-debug’, even though I think I have done it already
(otherwise I would’nt have the ruby-debug-base and ruby-debug-ide.

If still no joy then you could try removing ruby-debug-ide as it is
not required for normal use of ruby-debug and it is the one giving the
problems I think. It is something to do with Aptana/radrails


YES YES !, it is working now. That was the RADRAILS, just uninstalled it
and rerun the ‘gem install ruby-debug’ and now it stops where the
debugger is inserted. Now I get the (rdb:15) prompt, now I can debug.
This issue with RADRAILS should be debugged.

Well, thank you all - Colin, Ivan, Don, Michael and david, for your
support, wish you nice week.