Debian - plugins being installed to the wrong place?


I’ve been moving my app from my development environment (my laptop
running OSX) to my test environment (a dedicated Debian box in a
datacentre somewhere).

All seems to be OK except ruby Plugins don’t seem to work. When I go to
a page which uses a plugin I get errors… e.g.

uninitialized constant Paypal

Same happens with other plugins I’m using e.g. FasterCSV and PDFWriter

I’ve installed the plugins the normal way without any errors

gem install paypal
gem install pdf-writer
gem install fastercsv

but for some reason my plugins folder is still empty! don’t know where
these things are being installed to…


jh100000 wrote:

these things are being installed to…


Think you’re confusing ruby gems and rails plugins. The former are ruby
libraries (and usually stored somewhere like
usr/lib//ruby/gems/1.8/gems) which can be accessed by any ruby program
(including rails ones), the latter are pre-built chunks of rails that
offer plug-in features for your rails app.


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