Datetime/date problems w/ Oracle

I am "script\generate scaffold"ing w/ Oracle. The CRUD controls for
columns in _form.rhtml are generated as datetime_select, rather than
date_select . This is understandable, as Oracle uses a DATETIME data
for DATE columns. I’m also not too bothered by the fact that I have to
manually replace “datetime_select” w/ “date_select” for all generated
_form.rhtml files ( if you do not do this, the edit screen will blow up
with “NoMethodError private method ‘hour’ called for #<Date”) .

The problem is that when I actually go to perform the update ( a POST to
/foo/update/# ), I get a MultiParameterAssignmentError. The message
“N error(s) on assignment of multiparameter attributes”, where N is
to the number of date_select controls on the form. Basically, I cannot
render the edit form with datetime_select and I cannot submit it with
date_select. What gives?

Dennis Byrne

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