CVS and Capistrano 1.2

Is anyone using Capistrano 1.2 with CVS?

If so, anyone willing to share what their set :repository line in the
capistrano file looks like?

The password in there is no longer being picked up so I can’t deploy to
my test server.

All that’s changed is my update from Capistrano 1.1 to 1.2.


Trying to debug this… does anyone know how to make capistrano spit out
details about what it’s doing?


I found this - totally embarrassed because I fixed it months ago but
never submitted the patch (which I am totally doing right now).

Basically, the “repository” line in the Capistrano config. file was not
being used to query the CVS repository for the last commit time, which
is needed to figure out what to pull out of the repository.

In capistrano-1.2.0/lib/capistrano/scm/cvs.rb, in method cvs_log, it
should look like this:

def cvs_log(path,branch)
cd #{path || "."} && cvs -d #{configuration.repository} -q log -N -r#{branch}

The “-d #{configuration.repository}” was missing. The
#{configuration.repository} variable is used for all other interactions
with CVS except for the first one, so this makes the behavior more


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