Customizing log output

I’d like to include the user name along with/instead of the session id
in my log files. Is there a place to customize the log format, or do I
just need to through the logger object and manually write it in a
before_filter on my ApplicationController?


Jack C.
[email protected]

I have been ask to develop a Korean/Japanese/English website and I
would like to do it in rails. I was wondering what is the best way
for doing this.

I have read that ruby’s unicode support isn’t great? I have never
worked with unicode before so I am completely lost and trying to read
online doesn’t help much.

Has anyone done that before?

  • What charset for example should I use in my mysql table? Would
    UTF8_unicode_ci be okay, or what would be the best unicode encoding
    to support all languages and search into the database? I also would
    like to use something like act_as_ferret for search.
  • What would be the best way to configure rails for unicode encoding?
  • What is the best way for doing a multilingual site and keep
    translation? Of both content in .rhtml files, code, and database?

Any help/advices would be greatly appreciated.

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