Create new Image Plugin?

I’m working on a CMS for some time now. I need some kind of
functionality to deal with images. As I know there are to plugins
available: SuperImage and FileColumn.

Neither of these have exactly what I want.

What I want is a plugin with the following functions:

  • A poppup window (or ajax field) where you can search for, scroll
    trought pictures, find the one you will have, press on that, and
    automatically get an image link (in bluecloth, redcloth ++) in your
    text form. Of course you should also have the option of
    uploading an image the same place.

  • Images stored in /images/year/week folders

  • Possibility of resizing pictures (Not sure if resizing in uploads
    are best, or if caching of resized pictures when viewing are better).

Unfortunately I’m in a bit pressure of getting my CMS out in
production, so I probably will have to make an easy ad-hoc solution to
cut some time. Hopefully I’ll get some time to work on this later. But
in the mean time I wonder if anybody else have some thoughts about
this, and maybe some time to actually start working on/ make it?

(And besides I’m not an such experienced and clever programmer as the
most of
the other people are :-)).

  • Henrik