Confused on URLs to my Rails App

I need a VERY SIMPLE solution to get to my rails app. We have a
WHM/Cpanel linux server with numerous virtual servers on it. I have an
existing website called that lives in

I have written a rails app called “test” that is in /home/mydomain/test,
and it’s rails “root” is therefore /home/mydomain/test/public.

I am an apache dummy, and have experimented with lighttpd and apache to
no avail and keep pissing off my fellow hosts when I hose the apache

To date I am running mongrel_rails behind apache, and my users have been
using a url like “” assuming I configure
mongrel_rails on port 8008.

Now I have users behind firewalls that cannot access the 8008 port and I
would like something simple that enables my users to type
http://www.mydomain/com/test” and have it bring up the rails app.

Much thanks in advance as the WIKIs have me spinning in circles :wink:

Have you tried a solution with mod_proxy? That might be your ticket…

Well I looked it up and am still confused. I need a recipe. We are
running apache 1.3.36.

How do I “install/enable” mod_proxy and then configure it for

Mod proxy lets you say that some url on your website will map to some
URL… So you should be able to have your webserver redirect any
requests to ->

You probally want ProxyPass.

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