Changing umask on project/tmp files?

Is there anyway inside of rails to change the umask on the files
created in the “tmp” directory? I tried adding “File.umask 0000” to
config/enviroment.rb and no go. I’m afraid I’m a complete noob when it
comes to ruby and rails.

Here’s the situation. We’re trying to set up a RoR development
enviroment, but the files for most of our web development are located
in AFS (a networked file system). AFS doesn’t really use normal unix
file permissions the way that a local file system does. So, on a local
disk, I’d probably have done like…

chown www:www tmp/sessions

But in AFS, I still own the directory, but have to give the webserver
principal rights to it…

fs sa tmp/sessions www rliwdk

Rails is happy to create files in directories permitted in these
directories, but claims not to be able to read them.

Processing InfoController#properties (for at 2006-08-02
) [GET]
Session ID: ebf3af9d4b0849d55d948c6790f76567
Parameters: {“action”=>“properties”, “controller”=>“rails/info”}
Completed in 0.00105 (949 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.00006 (5%) | 500
s//ruby_sess.916337a4b4cd819c not readable^M

It seems to be linked to the initialize() function in
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/pstore.rb ~ line 94:

if File::exist? file and not File::readable? file
  raise PStore::Error, format("file %s not readable", file)

if I change File::readable? to File::readable_real?, it works… but I’d
rather not change this code. It seems like the wrong way to handle it.

So… I was wondering if there was something I could set in my rails
environment such that the files in tmp/cache, tmp/sessions and
tmp/sockets are permitted 0666?


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