Changing the instantiated table when using STI

Is there any way to get AR to instantiate a different class when using
STI? Where it would normally instantiate Digit, I would like it to
instantiate SkelDigit. Here’s why…

My rails app has the following STI hierarchy:

Digit < Glyph < ActiveRecord::Base

My migrate script can’t use those classes directly however (backward
compatibility issues), so I created some skeleton classes:

 SkelDigit < SkelGlyph < ActiveRecord::Base

This way, my migrate script can use the skelton classes to move the

The problem is, the type field of the glyphs table contains “Digit”,
“Letter” etc. Therefore, when I call SkelDigit.find(:all), I receive an
array of Digit objects, not SkelDigit objects. Then, of course,
everything breaks.

Is there any way I can tell AR to instantiate a SkelDigit instead of a
Digit? It looks like AR::Base::instantiate has something to do with
this but it’s a private routine and poorly documented.

Thank you very much,

- Scott

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