Changing from database sqlite3 to mysql - windows

My system is perfectly fine, and everything works smoothly & I’m
smooth sailing getting even deeper into Ruby! I’m even going to read &
watch all the Ruby on Rails books/tutorials that I can find including

If you can’t explain something to an old lady then you don’t
understand it. Plain & simple. And no, like I said before I’m not a
programmer, I’m a web developer. Proud to be a layman! I actually like
Ruby cos its syntax is more like plain old English!

Like I said before, I cannot take wrong advice. Not all advice is good
advice… One must learn to separate the good from the bad. I took the
advise that led me to the right direction, and ignored the other
advice which wasn’t helpful to me. That’s my call to make, not yours.

I found the solution (and not a shortcut) to my problem and that’s
what counts - nothing you say will change anything.

You can stay being a programmer and talk your programming jargon which
you don’t even understand half of it, if that turns you on - that’s
your choice, not mine.

Now, let me get on with my happy learning and stop wasting my time
replying to you. I’m done with my chat here (or, should I say
‘terminated my electronic conversation’)…

On Aug 9, 4:48 pm, Marnen Laibow-Koser <rails-mailing-l…@andreas-

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