Card reader or bar code reader in rails ? URGENT HELP

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When the cursor is on the form field register_no, the user should
“swipe” the card. This will fill the field with the code from the
card. This is totally transparent to your Rails application, since not
even the browser knows that data is coming from a barcode reader. You
see, the way a simple barcode reader works is that when you swipe the
card, it sends to the keyboard port on your computer the electric
signals for the numbers, so probably not even your computer can tell
if those signals are coming from the keyboard or what. It is
essentially the same thing as you typing in your phone number or your
name, only its done “instantly” as you swipe the card.

If it is a USB reader, it is a little bit different on how it does
it’s magic, but the way you interact with it should be the same. Have
you tried creating a simple HTML form with the field, positioning the
cursor on the field and swiping the card? It should work.

On Mar 25, 9:31 pm, Pokkai D. [email protected]
Well, the usb magnetic card reader can install directly on your computer
( )