Capistrano :update_code problem

Hi all,

I want to love capistrano and I’m so close.

My error is occuring while running the update_code task… (apologies
for the shell spew)

  • executing “rm -rf
    &&\n ln -nfs /home/henster29/sites/glitter/shared/log
    /home/henster29/sites/glitter/releases/20060316143447/log &&\n ln
    -nfs /home/henster29/sites/glitter/shared/system
    servers: [“”]
    [] executing command
    ** [out ::] ln:
    No such file or directory
    command finished

Ah, so its trying to make a symbolic link to a dir that doesnt exist…
I checked the gems/capistrano-1.1.0/lib/capistrano/recipes/standard.rb
which seems to be the source and found this…

task :update_code, :roles => [:app, :db, :web] do
on_rollback { delete release_path, :recursive => true }


run <<-CMD
rm -rf #{release_path}/log #{release_path}/public/system &&
ln -nfs #{shared_path}/log #{release_path}/log &&
ln -nfs #{shared_path}/system #{release_path}/public/system

Which looks like (to me) that it blows away
#{release_path}/public/system and then tries to make a link in there.

I must be talking crap since this works for everyone else… Any ideas?


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