Capistrano Error undefined method 'local'


I get an error after running Capistrano deploy…

zdennis@silver:~/source/projects/$ rake deploy
(in /home/zdennis/source/projects/
loading configuration
loading configuration ./config/deploy.rb

  • executing task deploy
    ** transaction: start
  • executing task update_code
  • determining current_branch…
    *** [update_code] transaction: rollback
  • [update_code] rolling back
  • executing “rm -rf /home/zdennis/myapp/releases/20060309021856”
    servers: [“”]
    SEnter password for /home/zdennis/.ssh/id_dsa:
    Enter password for /home/zdennis/.ssh/id_dsa:
    [] executing command
    command finished
    rake aborted!
    undefined method `local’ for #Capistrano::Configuration:0xb7405074

I don’t have any ‘local’ variables defined in y deploy.rb… I am sure
this is something silly I am
doing wrong. Any ideas? Thanks,



This is something I thought I had fixed, but apparently not. It
happens when using the CVS scm module.

The ‘local’ variable should default to ‘.’, and is used to locate the
local copy of your project so that the current revision can be
determined. Just do:

set :local, “.”

in your deploy.rb, and you should be fine.

Sorry about that.

  • Jamis