Can't setup Capistrano. Failed Authentication

I’m trying for the first time to use capistrano and things were going
well until I tried to run ‘cap setup’.

This is what I get…

cap setup
loading configuration
loading configuration ./config/deploy.rb

  • executing task setup
  • executing “mkdir -p -m 775 /home/uname/app/releases
    /home/uname/app/shared/system &&\n mkdir -p -m 777
    servers: [“”, “”]
    Password: MY_PASSWORD
    initialize': uname (Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed) from /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/net-ssh-1.0.9/lib/net/ssh.rb:47:instart’

the shared host is dreamhost if anyone has had a simmilar problem or an
idea of how to solve it.

I set the database server to be the same as the web server and the setup
went through.

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