Can migrations be used for these cases?


A newb question.

Can I use migrations if all of the following requirements are imposed at
the same time.

  1. Copy data from an old schema to a new schema, the difference in the 2
    schemas is about 25%, 3 new tables and 4 new columns.

  2. Copy data from Oracle schema to DB2 schema, around 25% difference in
    2 schemas as above.

  3. Neither old nor the new schema tables have an ‘id’ field.

  4. developers (like me) donot have permission to execute ‘CREATE TABLE’
    or ‘DROP table’.

Some of these restrictions are ridiculous but none theless they exist in
a typical beurocratic work culture.

Any ideas if I should use migrations (high level) or should I write low
level ruby scripts using OCI8/Ruby-DB2 interfaces.

thanks in advance

On 8/14/06, Daya S. [email protected] wrote:

a typical beurocratic work culture.
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Can somebody please help me with questions regarding migrations, see


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