Can i use webservices? or do i write my own protocol?

Hey all

Ok, this is what i want to achive…

Im actually developing an hybrid workflow controller, that uses JDF and
JMF (see for
more) - however, i have the situation where i need to send the JMF
messages to my hardware output devices JMF portal over HTTP post and
with a specified content-length header.

Now, i know how to set headers and the like, HTTP post is also simple
enough. But the actual JMF and JDF messages are just XML, just like
SOAP/XML-RPC. So i was wondering if there was anyway i could leverage
the action_web_services framework to basicly create a new client? As i
see that SOAP for instance is set up like this…

module ActionWebService # :nodoc:
module Client # :nodoc:
# Implements SOAP client support (using RPC encoding for the
class Soap < Base


I also noticed that there was “+endpoint_uri+ must point at the relevant
URL to which protocol requests will be sent with HTTP POST”

So, does that mean if i create a new client, i could make it work and
send the messages how i wanted it to send them? Also, i noticed that in
the rails trunk it requires the “soap/rpc/driver” and “uri” libs, im
guessing quite a bit of the functionality for that client comes from
that SOAP ruby lib?

I guess the bottom line of what im asking is can i use actionwebservice
to send my JMF messages without it adding any SOAP/XML-RPC gubbins on
top? Otherwise, if i write my own client, would this stop it adding
anything to my JMF messages im sending?

Many thanks for anyhelp