Best solution for functional/acceptance tests for Rails


I’ve googled for this and haven’t found much, so I thought I’d ask
for people’s experiences.

I’m happy now unit testing my models, views and controllers using
RSpec. But rspec_on_rails doesn’t have any functional
(“integration”) tests. They recommend using either Watir or
Selenium. I’ve had a quick look at both.

What really impressed me was this:
articles/2006/12/02/getting-screenshots-from-watir . It’s
interesting that he’s got it working on a mac (I thought Watir was
windows only until I found out about safariwatir). We have two macs
at work (ironically, neither of them used by the designers) and I
want to test cross-platform compatibility.

I’ve noticed this post:
2006-September/000049.html too, so it looks like I can have the
functionality of either wrapped in RSpec.

Which leaves me with the dilemma, which one do I use? I’m too
pressed for time to try them both extensively, so I was hoping
someone here could give me a rundown of them (I’ve found http://
Jungli Geek: Sahi vs Selenium vs Watir but
I assume it’s already out of date.) From a quick look over, Selenium
looks more powerful, and Watir looks more accessible, something you
could train a QA team to use without needing a developer (our
developers ARE the QA team, however).

I’d love to hear some more informed opinions so I can recommend that
we use one or the other to my boss. He’s already extremely impressed
with the screencasts of both.


I vaguely remember discussion of these in Ruby Conf 2006, you may want
check out those presentations and videos for better understanding of

I personally would go with Selenium on Rails. Good luck!