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Like the idea - how’d you call it, “railix”? :wink:


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Is this thread an indication that what would be really cool is a
Linux bootable CD distro built specifically for Ruby on Rails?

Would be great to have something that would boot to KDE/Gnome with
Firefox, several Ruby editors and a few nice icons that said things
like ‘Start Rails Test Server’ and several cool Rails apps for demo
purposes. Of course Ruby and Rails would come pre-configured with all
the bells and whistles so that newbies and demos could run without

That way if you give a talk about Rails you can hand out test CD’s
afterwards or if you needed to do a remote demo you take the CD and a
flash key with your Rails app and boot from a client’s desktop onsite.


On 20/01/2006, at 8:23 PM, Leon wrote:

On 1/20/06, matthew clark [email protected] wrote:


On 1/16/06, Jason C.

distribute it to non-hosted customers. So I’ve said all that to say

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On 1/20/06, Trojanek Michael M. [email protected] wrote:

Like the idea - how’d you call it, “railix”? :wink:


(Before anyone thinks I’m serious… NO)

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