Auto complete and after update element

I have done several searches via the web and all of my 13,000+ emails
the rails list.
I can’t seem to find or discover exactly why the below syntax does not
the app to call the get_supplier_address action in the controller.

<%= text_field_with_auto_complete ( :supplier, :company_name,
:after_update_element => “function(element,value){” +
remote_function( :url => {
=> :get_supplier_address }, :with => “‘supplier=’+value”) + “}” ) %>

The text field with auto complete works beautifully.
I select the supplier, but then, I want the after update to fire and
the value of the auto complete that the user selected and with the
company name, fill in the address information from the db.
Problem is the get_supplier_address is never called.

Does anyone see what is possibly wrong or offer suggestions on what I
to be a trivial issue?

Rails 1.1.2
Rails 1.8.4
Apache 2.2

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