Auth_generator and domains

Hello all,

Thank you for your help in advance.I am working with the auth_generator
and see that the “roles” are domains. I am unsure how to add domains to
the system and then control who is in what domain. Any help with this or
an explanation of how domains work is greatly appreciated. Thank you in


Robert D.

auth_generator roles are created in the admin section get there by
going to http://yourapp/accountadmin

once in the admin window you should see a table of your users to add
a role to the user simply click the username.
After clicking the username your will be shown the users profile on
the right hand side of the window you will see the role domains and
rank that the user is in each domain.
To create a domain simply add the domain to any user.

Hope that helped.
Ian Klier


That does help. Is there a way to pre-load domains when one does a
migration? My set up is this: an admin creates certain teacher accounts,
which have the authority to create student accounts. I don’t want to
give the teachers the ability to add users from within the admin
interface, so I will need to (I believe) have the roles (or domains)
configured in advance. Is this your understanding too? Thanks for your

  • Robert D.

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