Attention : Director ( Foreign Assistance, Investment, and J

From: Mrs Onyenye Severo
Email: [email protected]
Malabo-Equatoria Guinea
West Central Africa.

Attention : The Director,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re :Foreign Assistance, Investment, and Joint Ventures

Compliments of the season. Grace, peace and love from me to you. I hope
my letter does not cause you any embarrasement as I write to you in good
faith. Please I will want you to read this mail carefully and get back
to me. I will ask for your confidence only confidence without holding
account that we did not meet before as I writting this message to you.

I am Mrs Onyenye Severo, wife of late Chief ( Dr) Antonio Severo, who
was an Oil Merchant and respected politician in my country Equatorial
Guinea. My late husband was one of the key figures in Equatorial
Guinea’s opposition party. He stood firm against President Nguema Obiang
's idea of continuous seizure of power since 1979.

Because of his stand in this issue, My husband was arrested by the
Equatorial Guinean authorities few weeks after the coup d’etat attempt
in march 2004. He was accussed alongside with Equatoguinean exiled
opposition leader Severo Moto and two other Equatorial Guinean
indigenues of being the heads behind the alleged March coup attempt
against President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

My husband and others were charge to court , after unfair trial, he was
sentence to 42-years imprisonment, three weeks later due to the shock he
developed high blood pressure and stroke which led to his death.

The death of my husband has cause so much pain to me and my children,
but we are pressing forward so that we make good of what he left behind
for us which I and my children inherited after his death.

Days before his death while in prison, he revealed to me about the sum
of Fifteen Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars , which
he brilliantly deposited with a Safe Deposit and Finance Company here in
Equatorial Guinea as Valuable Items / Treasure for security reason. My
husband futher advice me to seek for a trustworthy foreign business
partner who can work with me as to move out the total sum to his/her
country for safety and future investment.

Based on his instruction, that I seek your assistance in receiving this
money and investing it on behalf of my family. It is for the purpose of
entrusting and investing this huge fund with little or no trace to our
family that I send you this proposition. I ensure you that this money is
in safety and that nobody know the secret except me, my two male
children and you. This is why I want that the secret of this money
remains confidential between us. The funds is presently deposited in
Finance Company awaiting directives from me as my late husband next of
kin to move it.

All modalities to move the treasure box ( money) out of the country
through special diplomatic carrier service in a create has been
perfected. The Equatorial Guinean authorities had confiscated all my
husband property (bank accounts and houses) left by my husband. You
understand that I have to entrust these funds because my husband had
keep it under a safe and profitable foriegn business partner who I can
trust for a better business transaction.

This must be a joint venture transaction and we must all work together
since this money is still cash. Extra security measures have been taking
to protect it from theft or seizure. I have personally worked out all
modalities for the peaceful and successful conclusion of this

In view of your participation, I am willing to give you a reasonable
percentage of this money for your assistance as soon as the transaction
is concluded. I will, however, based on the grounds that you are willing
to work with me and also contentious issues discussed before the
commencement of this transaction.

As soon as I hear from you, I will give you all necessary details as to
how to carry out the whole transaction. please do not entertain any
fears, as all necessary modalities for the smooth conclusion of this
transaction have been mapped out, and I assure you of all success and
safety in this transaction.

Please Note: this transactions requires absolute confidentiality and you
would be expected to treat it as such until the funds are moved out of
my country.

It is true that I have never known you but I am desperately in need of
somebody to trust, it has become a matter of expediency and total
surrender to the will of the Almighty.

If you do understand my story willing and capable of handling this
trusteeship proposition, kindly oblige me by sending your personal and
business profile including all contact details for us to move forward
without delay.

Please you will also ignore this letter and respect our trust in you by
not exposing this transaction, even if you are not interested.

I will Look forward to hearing from you urgently as this will not take
much time in concluding .

Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely Yours
Mrs Onyenye Severo
For Severo’ family

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