Arrays being changed to dates from 1.1.6 to 1.2

Why, thats all I’d like to know.

I have the following snippet of code that passes a date back in an
array which worked fine in 1.1.6 and then in 1.2 suddendly its being a
bit to damn clever by half and saying ‘hey, thats a date, lets make it
a proper date’.

finish = @finish.year, @finish.month,
start = @start.year, @start.month,
output += (" " * 4)+""+
link_to_remote(local_time_time(job.start), :update => {:success =>
“main”, :failure => “split_main”},
:url => {:action => :show_ajax_job, :id => job, :period => @period,
:start => start, :finish => finish})+""+

my 1.1.6 development.log output:
Parameters: {“period”=>“10”, “finish”=>[“2006”, “11”, “30”],
“action”=>“show_ajax_job”, “id”=>“550980”, “start”=>[“2006”, “12”,
“1”], “controller”=>“jobs”}

my 1.2 development.log output:
Parameters: {“period”=>“10”, “finish”=>“2006/11/30”,
“action”=>“show_ajax_job”, “id”=>“550980”, “start”=>“2006/12/1”,

Notice the difference between the start and finish parameters.

Any enlightenment is much apprecaited!

Ok so after a bit more investigation it appears arrays are now being
being passed in the parameters list and a / delimited string. Is this
right? Is there an obvious we’ve changed this in 1.2 and this is why?
If so please point me in that direction.

Much apprecaited.