Applicationwide BusinessObject/Hash

Ezra Z. wrote:

You can just create your server and client in one swoop.

object over the wire.

Oh, for crying out loud! Do you not sleep, or something? :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic, I’ll be trying it out today…

Hi Alex,

I got the client and the server working on startup.

$client_drb =, “druby://localhost:9002”)

But there seems to be a drawback to starting servers in environmenet.rb:

There’s no shutdown process to hook in DRb.stop_service . At least I
found one, which means I have to start the server outside of rails

Something strange happens: when I use this kind of DRb startup and I
WebBrick or Apache (FCGI) the process still exists. But most amazingly:
I cannot
kill it!

So the port, e.g. remains occupied and thus restarting the Rails
application is
not possible anymore.

What really strikes me most is that I can not kill the process.

Since there



On Mar 22, 2006, at 12:56 AM, Alex Y. wrote:

require ‘slave’
Looks fantastic, I’ll be trying it out today…


Haha! I do sleep occasionally. This lib works great for the exact

purpose of this thread :wink:

-Ezra Z.
Yakima Herald-Republic
[email protected]

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