Application error


I have an application up and running with several scaffold controllers
that work fine. Today I added a new scaffold called press_articles.
Now when I try to view this application I get the error in my browser:

Application error (Rails)

Looking in the log files there is nothing in the development.log file,
in fastcgi.crash.log I get the following list each time i try to call
the list method:

[19/Jun/2006:23:54:57 :: 8406] starting
[19/Jun/2006:23:59:51 :: 8406] asked to terminate immediately
[19/Jun/2006:23:59:51 :: 8406] terminated by explicit exit

All of the other controllers within the application work fine, I can’t
see any difference with any of the other controllers. I can’t find the
problem as there are no descriptive error messages I can look at.

Thanks for any help.


I think somehow you have this app running in production mode. You need
run it in development mode to get anything descriptive. The easiest way
do that is to run the app through Webrick on your local machine. That
dump a bunch of diagnostic info into your browser and into the dev log.


Hi Jeff,

You were right, I set it to run in production mode and totally forgot
about it. Sorted it out now thanx.

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