Another application design question


I’m working on a pretty typical social networking app. It takes a little
data from the authentication/session objects that I’ve sort-of got
working, a little data from this table and a little data from that table
to make up the main page. Seems like a pretty common design, not so
different from what yelp or tribe do, although much simpler (for now,

What I haven’t quite decided yet is how to arrange it all in the code.
It seems like components are the right answer, and that’s the direction
I’m looking at, but I’m not sure yet how I should assemble them. Should
I make a “main” view with no model or controller attached? I could
designate one of my views as being the sort of main view, and just add
bits and pieces to that, but that seems ugly.

It seems like all the examples and tutorials out there focus on showing
one particular kind of functionality for one or two tables, so I’ve
gotten started pretty quickly but have now hit a little speedbump trying
to figure out how to put it all together. If I can reduce out a simple
example of this, and there’s interest, I might try to put together a
tutorial, perhaps in the wiki.

Thoughts? Thanks!


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