[ANN] Workshop for Good - May 20/21, Washington DC, $400, Be

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been working on putting this project together for a few weeks now
and it is finally coming together. The “Workshop for Good” will take
place Saturday and Sunday May 20th - 21st. The cost is $400 for most
people, but a discounted price of $200 for current high-school or
undergraduate students (limit 5). All proceeds will benefit the Cesar
Chavez Public Charter High School, a small public high school in
downtown Washington, DC. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to improve access
to and integration of technology throughout the curriculum.

It will be led by Amy Hoy (http://www.slash7.com), Ezra Z.
(http://www.brainspl.at), and me, Jeff C.
(http://www.casimircreative.com). Between the three of us we have a
good bit of experience and complementary specializations. Ezra has
experience in the “enterprise” arena and extensive knowledge about
deployment, servers, and all that techie stuff (in fact he’s writing a
book for the Pragmatic Programmers on the topic). Amy has a really
different take on things coming from a designer perspective and has a
uniquely quirky style that sugar-coats her real expertise (and is
another PragProg author in the making). I, Jeff, am an experienced
teacher first and an experienced Rails programmer second (though with no
book deal!) and hope to help the three of us turn the expertise in our
brains into a fun, interactive, and engaging educational experience.

The content is still being tweaked, but you can rest assured that there
will be a lot of learning going on. We’re targeting the beginning and
intermediate Rails users. I know many of you are above that level, but
maybe you have friends or colleagues that would be interested.

At this point, we need the following:

  1. Attendees! One seat’s taken, 24 to go.
  2. Blog Pimpage! We’re trying to get the word out, please help.
  3. Sponsorships! Dave T. has graciously offered us copies of the
    Rails book which is totally awesome. We would love to find additional
    sponsors who might be interested in covering things like: a) speaker
    transportation/hotel costs (~$800), b) lunches for everyone (~$600), c)
    door prizes (software? hosting? swag? etc), d) t-shirts (~$350), e)
    attendee happy-hour/dinner, e) other ideas. In exchange I’ll be adding
    “sponsor” links/icons to the website and will include them on any swag
    that we create.
  4. Other contributions? If our idea is compelling and you’ve got
    something else to contribute please shoot me an email.

More information and developing news is available at the project


Thanks for your time & support,
Jeff C.

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