[ANN] Updated and boosting MySQL/Ruby adapters for Windows


Hello everyone!

Following the donation of a gentle user, I have released a new version
of the MySQL/Ruby database adapter for Windows. Thank you very much!

It’s bugfixes and 5-30% performance boosts, baby, and I’m looking for
further testing feedback. My own tests on various versions of MySQL have
fared well, but it seems prudent to scout out further feedback.

Besides an upgrade to MySQL/Ruby 2.7.3, an optional ‘performance’
library is offered that incorporates Stefan K.’ garbage creation patch
[1] that realizes the actual performance boost. Stefan’s work is amazing
as always, kudos to him.

Without further ado, get your gear at
http://www.vandomburg.net/pages/mysql-ruby-windows and I’d much
appreciate your feedback and any donations if this helps you in your
professional life.

  • Roderick