[ANN] Substruct v0.6


I just put the finishing touches on Substruct v0.06. As always, you can
check out a demo over at http://substruct.subimage.com/

What’s new?

Version 0.6

- Tagging for products
- Maintenance of product tags
- Automatic image thumbnail / small size creation via RMagick
- Better shopping cart experience with AJAX cart
- Faceted navigation of product categories
- Fixed bug where product images would auto-delete when updating
something else about a product.

Upgrade steps:

0. Update the source

        tar -xzvf substruct.tar.gz my_rails_app/vendor/plugins/

1. Update the DB

        rake engine_migrate

2. Add blank loading html file for modal. This page gets swapped 

the modal dialog (as seen when editing tags) when it’s not visible.

        touch public/loading.html

3. Install RMagick

        This is necessary for automatic image resizing of product 



Forgot to pimp the project URL as well…