[ANN] fcgi_watch update

I’ve updated fcgi_watch to version 0.3.1. There’s no real functional
difference, but I fixed a bug that caused it to report multiple copies
of the same FCGI process as “running” under certain conditions.

The updated version is here:


For those just tuning in:

fcgi_watch is a supplement to (or replacement for)

The standard reaper script searches for all processes started with a
given pathname using the output from a ps command, and performs an
action on them. There are problems with this approach, at least on some
shared servers. The pathname seen by a script may not be the same as the
pathname shown by “pwd”. All dispatchers for all Rails apps run by the
same user look the same to “ps”. These factors make it difficult for
reaper to “do the right thing”.

fcgi_watch also adds an “expire” action that kills FCGI processes in
excess of a certain number, or older than a certain age.

I wrote fcgi_watch to solve my FCGI management problems, and it’s made
my life easier. Hope it helps someone else out!:slight_smile:

Please email me with any problems, suggestions, improvements, etc.

–Al Evans