[ANN] Enterprise Ruby Studio


Announcing a new offering from Pragmatic Studio: An Enterprise Ruby
Studio to be held September 11-13 in Boston, MA. Learn how to use
the power and expressiveness of Ruby, and how to use it as your
enterprise “glue.”

Use Ruby for Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software development is often about integrating
information from multiple systems, usually built with disparate
technologies, in order to increase the value of both the applications
you?re building today and the longevity of your existing
applications, resources, and data. An in-depth knowledge of Ruby, a
cross-platform, object-oriented programming language, will allow you
to tie such systems together, and do so with incredible flexibility.

Learn Advanced Ruby Features

You?ll also gain hands-on experience using metaprogramming, domain
specific languages, LDAP, XML, web services, and other advanced Ruby

Learn From Pros

With extensive experience using Java, .NET, and Ruby, Justin
Gehtland and Stu Halloway really understand the enterprise
landscape. They bring diverse backgrounds to this Studio to help you
choose the best tool for the job. In addition to their ongoing
client work, they are the authors of the upcoming book “Rails for
Java Programmers” and the creators of the open source Streamlined


Sign up by July 31st for a $200 early registration discount.
Register at:


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