[ANN] College course on Ruby on Rails

Hello all,

I am very happy to announce that registration for my new course entitled
“Ruby on Rails Development” at my college is now open. We are offering
course as part of our LAMP certificate which is designed for working
professionals who want to upgrade their skills.

I think that it is a sign of Rails’ growing maturity that I was able to
propose this and work it through the college process. I’m very excited
what we will be able to accomplish during a full semester course. No
spend a month just getting everything installed! Woo Hoo!

Here are some links that point to more details.

The College: http://matcmadison.edu
The LAMP Certificate:
The Rails course:


Eric K.
Lead Java Instructor
Information Technolgy
Madison Area Technical College
3550 Anderson Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
Telephone: 608.246.6641

Congratulations Eric! I know it’s a long time coming!

Can I guest lecture? :slight_smile:

When will it reach middle school ?


Heh, if my 12 year-old daughter counts then it already has. She is
ruby right now and is finding it very accessible. I read various critics
are saying that ruby has a very steep learning curve. My daughter
I do too and I think that ruby might be a very good first programming

Brian: Sounds good to me! The course meets Tuesday evenings so let me
when you can come.


My gradma loves it too! I used to play on her mainframe while I was
growing up!!! Now she is
playing on my Mac OS! She really rocks.

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