[ANN] Blog of building Agile Web Development w/Rails Depot A


Sorry for the long Subject line, but I couldn’t figure out what else to
call it. :slight_smile:

Just a quick announcement to tell you that I have worked through
Chapters 6 and 7 so far of “Agile Web D. with Rails”, using
Ackbar/KirbyBase to develop the Depot app instead of MySQL. You can
find my blog about it at:

For those who don’t know, I am the developer of KirbyBase
(http://netpromi.com/kirbybase_ruby.html), a small, pure-Ruby DBMS that
keeps its data in plain-text files and uses Ruby as it’s query language.

Ackbar (http://rubyforge.org/projects/ackbar/) is an ActiveRecord
adapter for KirbyBase and was written by Assaph M…

My plan is to work through the complete Depot app (chapters 6-11) using
Ackbar/KirbyBase. This should be a fairly good test of how well
Ackbar/KirbyBase can function as a Rails backend. Along the way, I am
blogging about any workarounds/pitfalls someone using
Rails/Ackbar/KirbyBase might encounter. At the same time, I hope to
point out some of the benefits you might realize using Ackbar/KirbyBase.

So far, I’ve been pleasently surprised. I’ve run into no
show-stoppers. Just a few small bugs that Assaph has already fixed in
CVS head on RubyForge.

Comments/suggestions/advice/corrections would be very much appreciated.

Jamey C.