[ANN] Authorization Plugin 1.0 rc3 + Test App


Inching toward full release. Minor changes, now lets you set constants
for redirection and store locations in environment.rb, and removal of
a dumb double redirect error that was introduced during refactoring.
Also added an integration test (contributed by David Altenburg) that
would have caught the issue.

The authorization plugin provides the following:

  • A simple way of checking authorization at either the class or
    instance method level using permit and permit?
  • Authorization using roles for the entire application, a model class,
    or an instance of a model (i.e., a particular object).
  • Some english-like dynamic methods that draw on the defined roles.
    You will be able to use methods like “user.is_fan_of angelina”,
    “user.is_fan_of_what”, or “angelina.has_fans?”, where a ‘fan’ is only
    defined in the roles table. Models also pick up has_* methods like
    “group.has_moderators” (returns array of users who have role
    ‘moderator’) and “group.has_moderators?”
  • Pick-and-choose a mixin for your desired level of database
    complexity. For all the features, you will want to use “object roles

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