[ANN] acts_as_ferret 0.2.1

The svn repository for acts_as_ferret has just been tagged with version
0.2.1. This is the first version of aaf to support the 0.9.x branch of

Acts_as_ferret is a plugin for Ruby on Rails which makes it simple to
implement full text search for Rails. It builds on Ferret which is a
ruby port of Apache Lucene. It is a technology suitable for nearly any
application that requires full-text search.

See http://projects.jkraemer.net/acts_as_ferret/wiki


  • High speed full text search across the contents of any Rails model
    class, without any hassles. The index will be kept up to date
    automagically while you work with your Rails model classes as usual.
  • Each Model class calling acts_as_ferret gets it’s own Ferret index on
    disk, but you can search multiple models at once using the multi_search
  • Supports Rails’ single table inheritance mechanism (just declare
    acts_as_ferret in the base class, and be able to search across all
    inheriting classes, see TypoWithFerret for an example)
  • Aaf is not limited to indexing the attributes of your model: You can
    tell it to index the result of any instance method of your model class.
  • Further customization of the indexing process can be achieved by
    overriding the to_doc instance method in your model class, which is
    supposed to return the Ferret document object to be stored in the index.
  • Use my_model_instance#more_like_this to retrieve objects having
    similar contents like my_model_instance. Great for suggesting related
    pages to your readers, or related products to your customers.