Ajax form results display help

I’m not that familiar with Ajax, so there is a good chance that I’m
doing something incredibly stupid, but here is the issue. I have a
search form that will display results on submit using Ajax callbacks
and cool effects.

Here is the operation that I would like
-User enters data

  • On submit of the form, the spinner shows
  • If there is an error, the error div is shown and everything else is
  • If results are successfully returned, spinner and error are hidden
    and results are displayed in the search_results div with a :blind_down

Here is the view that I came up with:

<%= form_remote_tag(:html => {:action => :search}
:url => {:action => :list},
:update => {:success => ‘search_results’, :failure => ‘error’}
:before => %(Element.show(‘spinner’); Element.hide(‘error’)),
:success => visual_effect(:blind_down, ‘search_results’),
:failure => %(Element.hide(‘search_results’); Element.show(‘error’))
:complete => %(Element.hide(‘spinner’)))

<%= text_field_tag(:query, @query) %> <%= submit_tag ‘Search’ %>

<%= image_tag ‘spinner.gif’, :id => ‘spinner’, :style => ‘display:none’

<%= end_form_tag %>

Everything seems to work fine after the first load of the page. The
first time results are loaded, however, the results quickly flash,
dissappear, and then reappear about 2 seconds later. Is this
something wrong with the effects javascript, or am I doing something

Also, is this the correct way to do this sort of thing and/or is there
a better/more elegant way?


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