Admin.create error in devel. console

im getting this error when i attemp to create an admin account in the
devel. console… first is the script im trying to run and then the
error… full output:

@a = Admin.create :fullname => “Zack”, :email => “[email protected]”, :capabilities => {“member_info” => “1”, “close_xxxxxx”=>“1”, “add_xxxxxx”=>“1”, “purchase_info”=>“1”, “add_admins”=>“1”}, :agreement => “1”
=> #<Admin:0xb79488f4 @errors=#<ActiveRecord::Errors:0xb79386d4
@base=#<Admin:0xb79488f4 …>, @errors={}>,
@attributes={“capabilities”=>{“member_info”=>“1”, “close_xxxxxx”=>“1”,
“purchase_info”=>“1”, “add_xxxxxx”=>“1”, “add_admins”=>“1”}, “salt”=>"",
“delete_after”=>nil, “updated_at”=>Wed Aug 09 01:16:05 EDT 2006,
“type”=>“Admin”, “fullname”=>“Zack”, “security_token”=>nil, “role”=>nil,
“id”=>13, “deleted”=>0, “token_expiry”=>nil, “credits”=>nil,
“verified”=>0, “logged_in_at”=>nil, “salted_password”=>"",
“created_at”=>Wed Aug 09 01:16:05 EDT 2006, “email”=>“[email protected]”},
@agreement=“1”, @new_password=false, @new_record=false>

any ideas as to why im getting this. this is an app that was built for
us and the developer is on vacation, im a network engineer, not a
programmer, so if more info than this is needed to debug please let me
know. thanks in advance, any help here is grealy appreciated.

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