ActiveRecord question

Hi everyone,

I am having the following problem: I have a ‘User’ model and a
‘User_option’ model (user has_many user_options & user_options
belongs_to user).
Now the user_option table (and model) consist mostly of a key & value
fields, and I would like to be able to reference them like an
associative array
instead of a collection. Here is what I mean:

user = User.find(:first)

instead of having to do:
user.user_options.find {|option| option.key==key}

Someone suggested I should do it like this:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :user_options do
user_options.find {|opt| opt.key==key} #(search code)

The problem is the user_options array is not visible from within the
method because the method is in effect
inside the user_option class(model). So I am wondering how I can
reference the ‘outter’ class User from within the
method 'def '. Is this possible? The purpose of reusing the
user_options array is that I don’t have to deal directly with the

Any help would be greatly appreciated…or any other suggestion on a way
to accomplish the ‘user.user_options[:key]’ thing.

Thank you,


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