Action caching with params

I was attempting to cache an action that had a URL like this:[]=2005&years[]=2006&bar=5&baz=blue

which returns different data than, say[]=2004&years[]=2005&bar=6&baz=red

However, the cached fragment would always be named, no matter what parameters where
passed in, which would result in incorrect data being rendered on a
cached page.

I eventually tracked the culprit to ActionController::Base#url_for,
which the fragment cacher calls well reading and writing the fragment.
In my controller, I added this:

def url_for(options = nil, *parameters_for_method_reference)
super( options ? options : params, parameters_for_method_reference)

which sends the params hash as options, if no options are specified
(as is the case with the cacher).

So is this a bug in rails or a misunderstanding on my part as to the
proper behavior? Am I doing something dangerous here by fiddling with
one of the more used methods?


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