A matter of style

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 09:37:58PM +0900, Yossef M. wrote:

I think Chad’s point stands. It seems whatever is encapsulated in the
enum’s find search code would be better off as a method on that
object. That would make the test cleaner and then there won’t be any
worry about block style precedence.

Actually, I think you assumed more meaning in what I said than I
intended. The same goes for the previous poster, too. I didn’t mean
that the precedence diference wouldn’t or shouldn’t prompt you to choose
wisely between do…end and {…} syntaxes – only that the difference
precedence between the two isn’t something I’d seen, or probably
see. I mean precedence “between the two” in the same way I’d mean it in
relation to + and * operators: when stringing things together, the
precedence of + and * in relation to one another becomes important, such
as in this case of potentially ambiguous intent:
1 + 2 * 4

Hi –

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Robert D. wrote:

On 6/13/07, [email protected] [email protected] wrote:

Hi –

It’s not a contest –
100% agree
not even a debate.
100% surprised (maybe I do not grasp the semantics of debate, it means
discussion, right?)

It usually implies an outcome: someone “wins”.

read and written (catching up though;). As he I do not think it is a
I was not trying to do this but you make me aware that I was talking
too much, point taken.

Over and out :wink:

I didn’t mean to say you’d said too much – just thinking that this is
the kind of topic where people (not you specifically) get into these
long, aimless ping-pong matches which don’t actually result in
anything, and hoping to avert that (again, not you specifically).


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