10 Cool Things to Do with Google Earth


10 Cool Things to Do with Google Earth

There have been some pretty ingenious uses of the application Google
Earth . Realtors are using it to scout areas and to advertise their
listings. One landscaping company uses it to estimate square footage of
properties and send estimates to potential customers.


How to Call a Thousand People at Once

Do you have an urgent message you need to get to your employees? Change
of date? Snow day? Emergency? Phone chains don’t always work - it takes
time to make all those phone calls. Can you call hundreds or thousand of
people in a few minutes?


How to Get a Grip on Multiple Phone Numbers

Grand Central will give you a Free lifetime phone number that will
consolidate all your other phone numbers. When someone dials in to your
GC phone number, it will dial any or all of the other numbers that you
supplied in your setup: work, cell, Skype, friend’s house, etc.