1.2 routing breaks in_place_edit

I have started testing 1.2rc1 and for the most part it is great,
however I think the new stricter routing is brekaing my in_place_edits.

for example, in one of my views I have a line of code,
<%= in_place_editor dom_id, :url=>{:controller=>‘invoices’,
:action=>‘invoice_task’, :category=>“service”,
:work_order_line_id=>line.id, :invoice_id => @invoice.id}, :cols => 8

which generates the javascript:
new Ajax.InPlaceEditor(‘billed_541’,

this gets correctly recognized as:
Parameters: {“category”=>“service”, “invoice_id”=>“207”,
“action”=>“invoice_task”, “amp”=>nil, “controller”=>“invoices”,
“value”=>“12”, “work_order_line_id”=>“541”}

with rails 1.1, however when i drop rails 1.2rc1 in vendor/rails I get

Parameters: {“category”=>“service”, “amp;work_order_line_id”=>“541”,
“action”=>“invoice_task”, “amp;invoice_id”=>“206”,
“controller”=>“invoices”, “value”=>“3”}
–ERROR: no invoice exists for the id supplied.

It looks to me like this could be fixed in either rails routing or in
the url generator. It seems to me the best palce to fix it would be
where the urls are generated.

the weird thing is that when I go to console and do
url_for(:controller=>‘invoices’, :action=>‘invoice_task’,
:category=>“service”, :work_order_line_id=>line.id, :invoice_id =>
@invoice.id) it comes out fine, without the “amps”

any ideas? should I submit this as a bug report?
Michael Fairchild

Im getting this too.

Me too. Does anyone know if this issue has been acknowledged as a bug by
the rails team?