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# About the Team

We are a small, fully remote, and self-funded software company based in Germany. Our product "[Tower](" is the best Git client for Mac and Windows and is used by over 100,000 customers - from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

We know we can achieve great goals only with the help of our peers. And at fournova, we are blessed to work in a team of extraordinary people. We’re not looking for someone to do the job. We’re looking for someone to join the team!

# About the Position

We're looking for a Web Developer to join our team. You’ll have the chance to work in many different areas, on websites that are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people every month.

- **Website Projects**: We have a multitude of cool web projects that evolve quickly: the Tower product website and blog, our learning platform, the Tower online help, and many special projects. You'll work with PHP, the Kirby CMS, and lots of HTML and modern Sass / CSS.

- **Learning Content**: We love to learn new things. That's why we also love to help our users and community learn new things. Our learning content on Git and lots of other software topics is read by hundreds of thousands of people every month. This allows you to learn lots of new things - and teach them to our community at the same time!

- **Growth Hacking**: We constantly test and tweak things: A/B tests and countless little improvements help us optimize our projects and content all the time.

Cool Special Websites: We have lots of ideas for very cool "special" projects: have a look at our History of macOS, our Developer Manifesto and our May the Fork Be with You projects for some examples.

- **Frontend Development**: We're working on new web applications for which you're welcome to build an awesome frontend. We are big fans of "classic" web applications and page reloads ;-) So if you're deeply in love with React or Vue.js, we're probably not the best place for you.

# Required Skills

- 3+ years experience in web development

- Fluent in English

- Experience with PHP, HTML5, CSS3 / Sass, JavaScript

- Advanced knowledge of Git and version control

- (Optional) Experience with Ruby on Rails and the Kirby CMS

- You are a good and mindful communicator

- You are open to learn our toolchain (e.g. GitHub, Heroku, Zendesk, ActiveCampaign, Postmark and their APIs)

# About You

- very reliable thorough: you accept responsibility for your own work and its quality

- hungry to be part of a team that creates things that matter

- self-motivated and capable of working from home

- open to discussions and a mindful communicator

- willing to be part of a team yet able to work independently

- paying attention to details

- open-minded and respectful – regarding people, technologies and projects

- happy to become part of a small team of friendly skilled professionals

Is this a position culture that resonates with you? Can you contribute something to make fournova even better? Yes and yes?!? **[Then please get in touch with us!](**

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