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Posted 26 days ago

Hello there! I’m the VP of engineering at eVisit. We are growing the engineering team, and we’d like you to consider joining us.

I joined eVisit because I believe in the company’s mission: to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere. We are creating technology to make it simpler for you to connect with your doctor, without having to go into the office.

eVisit’s product is very popular among healthcare professionals. Usage increased by a factor of 10 in just a few months during 2020, and it’s accelerating. As you can imagine, the team needs to grow!

I came to eVisit to build the best telemedicine platform on the planet. If you join us in 2021, you can put your hand on the steering wheel with us and leave a big mark on this team and the entire healthcare industry. If you’ve ever wished you could look back at a hugely successful company and say “I was part of that”, this is your chance.

Where’s the job?

We are 100% remote, and staying that way. We are able to hire people in all 50 states and internationally. You can work from wherever you want. Our team was distributed internationally even before the pandemic. It’s baked into how we work.

Our technology:

We don’t require every Solutions Architect to have experience with all our technologies, but we thought you’d like to know where we are today. If you know better technologies, we want to hear about them!

You will have the opportunity to show or build your skills using a mix of industry standard integration types such as REST APIs and SDKs as well as healthcare specific technologies like HL7 interfaces and FHIR integrations.

We use Redox to empower our HL7 interfaces and leverage their standard data models in JSON format to allow for our engineers to code against a predictable target.

We have Epic App Orchard and Cerner Code integrations on our roadmap and you will help to shape the direction of this alongside our integration engineers and product teams.

While you may not be writing code day to day, it may be helpful to know that we use React for our desktop and mobile web products. On the back-end, we use Ruby on Rails, Go, and NodeJS.

Our Infrastructure is moving to AWS as we strive for a serverless architecture to minimize the operational burden on engineers.

For video, we use WebRTC services from Twilio and Vonage.

And of course, there is much more!

Our interview process:

We believe you shouldn’t have to disappear from your current job for an entire day to interview with us. We also believe you shouldn’t have to write code for a live audience, but rather we want you to code on your own time, in your own environment, where you do your best work.

Here’s how it works:

  • A 30-minute info call with our recruiter or VP of engineering
  • Three 30-minute, back-to-back, one-on-one interviews with our engineers.
  • A take-home solutioning exercise
  • Group session for you to meet the team
  • Requirements

    We don’t hire solutions architects based on a perfect laundry list of technologies and experiences. We hire based on (1) how well you demonstrate the five eVisit company values, (2) your general solutioning skills, and (3) your ability to learn.

    We believe solutions architects should have the following:

    • System Thinkers: Solutions architects go beyond band-aid level break fix solutions to problems. The ideal solutions architect is an exemplary individual contributor who can think in terms of architecture, business objectives, and timelines. They focus on solving problems, and aligning with the customer’s requirements.
    • Continuous Improvers: Solutions architects are interested in improving the way eVisit communicates technical concepts with our prospective and current customers as well as improving implementation strategies and optimizing existing integration through analysis, monitoring, analytics, security, and performance improvements.
    • Learners: Solutions architects should have a track record of learning new technologies and diving deep into how things work. They seek balance by not being distracted by every shiny new technology.
    • Polyglots: Solutions architects are proficient in multiple interoperability technologies, including HL7, SSO, API, and SDK related topics. We believe this gives valuable perspective that helps them reach for the best solution for the customer’s problem.
    • Collaborators: Solutions Architects work closely with product managers and designers to create the best integration products for our customers, even in early product definition. They will also field questions from our support team, and triage issues from outside engineering. Additionally, solutions architects will lead the discussions with the customer and their technical staff to align on and achieve the goals of the enterprise integration.
    • Experienced: Time isn’t a guarantee of experience, but we believe that a Solutions architect needs at least 5 years of full-time professional experience to accrue enough good judgment to be considered for the position.
    • Healthcare knowledge: You won’t need to know every possible scenario related to the healthcare integrations but it would help for you to be familiar with the way that large enterprise healthcare organizations conduct work. This includes knowledge of HL7 interfaces, Single Sign On methods, and API interactions. Additionally, it would be helpful to have domain specific knowledge including HIPAA, PHI, and other security controls designed to protect patient data. Don’t let lack of healthcare knowledge deter you from applying.
    • Flexible: We expect solutions architects to develop deep expertise in the areas where they work. While we don’t expect any one solution architect to be an expert in every area, we do expect them to be familiar with every area. A solutions architect knows where their knowledge begins and ends, and when to enlist the help of experts and when to level up through education and research.
    • Benefits

      • Competitive salary based on experience
      • Great benefits package including medical, dental, vision, HSA FSA plans
      • 401(k)
      • Generous PTO plan, plus 10 paid national holidays
      • A fun, collaborative environment where the company is working to define the future of telemedicine
      • Excellent opportunity for professional growth
      • 100% remote work

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Mesa, AZ, US Location

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