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Aurea was founded with the singular vision of helping businesses succeed in today’s complex digital landscape. To achieve that goal, we do things differently. Our Unlimited approach to enterprise software is designed to simplify and accelerate the way our customers use technology, with a Netflix-like model that unlocks each and every Aurea product with a single subscription. With Aurea Unlimited, our customers can innovate and expand with less risk, better performance, and more value for their business.

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You have spent your entire career being the single best individual inside sales rep, but your progression is capped because you have no interest in traditional sales management. In this role, you move from individual contributor (player) to coach, building a team of hundreds of sales reps that you develop in your image. This role enables you to both expand your impact and your income without losing your soul in traditional sales management.

This role is based on the core belief that coaching up talent trumps recruiting "rainmakers" as the means of delivering outstanding sales results at scale. You believe that detailed preparation based on consistent coaching is the key to game day success. Extending the sports analogy, rather than spending tens of millions of All-Star free agents, you'd rather draft great talent and develop them into All-Stars like a great position coach can.

You revel in coaching up people and seeing that manifest on the field of battle. You yearn to expand your impact beyond individual contributor sales, but you want to do so in a manner that is meaningful and economically rewarding and that does not divorce you from the "action" on the field - where you do your best work.

Most sales leadership roles are about updating forecasts and assisting reps in tactical deal management. At Aurea, conversely, you aren't helping reps manage deals, you are defining the process that you as the leader believe provides exceptional results, and you are coaching your teams and holding them accountable for consistent and quality execution of your process at your expected level of quality.

The right candidate must believe that intelligence should be in the system, and relish the challenge of defining and iteratively improving a great sales process. The right candidate must love listening to sales calls and coaching reps on their day-to-day performance against the fundamentals.

Reporting to Aurea’s CEO, this role will deliver:

  • Listening to and evaluating sales calls against a framework that defines sales meeting excellence

  • Regular 1:1 "film room" sessions with sales reps to provide play-by-play coaching on their sales calls

  • Reporting and comparatively assessing relative performance against activities and correlation with results

  • Constant recruiting and evaluation of outside talent against the same evaluation rubric

  • Key outputs include

    • ISR Customer Meeting Quality Assessment

    • ISR "Film Room" Coaching Recording

    • ISR Activity Results-Based Scorecard

    • ISR Weekly QTD Performance Dashboard

    • Qualifications

      • Bachelor’s degree

      • 5+ years in Inside Sales for a business software / SAAS company.

      • Exceptional inside sales rep. You have a distinguished track record as a top 10% performing inside sales rep at every company you work. You routinely max out your incentive compensation bands.

      • Extraordinary teacher and coach. You are a natural storyteller and teacher, and if you weren't a sales rep you would be a terrific position coach for a sports team or schoolteacher.

      • Strong active listening skills. You listen carefully and deliberately, and have a great sense for understanding the nuance of spoken and body language.

      • Intellectually agile. Able to understand a variety of different software products and pitches and clearly visualize and establish a definition of excellence that forms the basis for rep coaching

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