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Posted 9 months ago

We’re looking for a Software Engineer with a passion for web design and delightful user interfaces to join the team at Reincubate. You will be working to improve the experience of our users as they interact with our sites to learn about and try our apps, such as Camo and iPhone Backup Extractor.

Our customers include teams at Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, the world’s top universities, VIPs around the world, and plenty of people who just want to look better online. Our work has been recognised by HM Queen Elizabeth II, the NYT, WSJ, and the BBC.

Find out more about Reincubate at

You will:

* Be in charge of making our websites more beautiful and user-friendly.

* Build new and delightful experiences for our users.

* Help modernise our tooling, front-end architecture and development practices.

* Contribute to the design vision across the company, from our apps and websites to our staff swag.

We will:

* Help you setup and contribute to a productive working environment, wherever you are: delight builds on delight.

* Give you autonomy in your work. We trust you to solve hard problems well.

* Help you settle into your role, manage your responsibilities, and grow as a member of the team. We believe progress comes through sustainable growth.

* Foster a space for you to share your opinions and ideas on any topic. Integrity and openness are bedrocks of how we interact with one another and our users.

* Provide excellent benefits: 25 days’ paid vacation, flexible hours, remote work, share options, healthcare, matched 401(k), Apple equipment, home-office & professional development allowances… or cash equivalents, if you prefer.

You might suit this role if you:

* Like being part of the design process and are comfortable bringing your own thoughts to the conversation.

* Can pick up existing projects quickly and devise iterative improvements without major refactors.

* Enjoy working as part of a small, focused team of individual contributors, and like taking ownership of projects from initial planning to release.

* Relate to our values: creating delight, “it just works”, sustainability, and integrity.

* Wish there were more websites that felt “just right”.

We’re looking for:

* Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS, with bonus points for experience with Vue.js specifically.

* Experience building websites with an awareness of clean design, accessibility, performance, and browser compatibility.

* Familiarity with at least one common programming language (Python, Javascript, Ruby, etc.). Bonus points for experience with Python and the Django web framework in particular.

* An awareness of design prototyping tools, web development best-practices and trends, and the workings of internet.

Salary and compensation

$50,000 — $80,000/year


East Coast, Europe

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Bucharest, , RO Location

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