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Posted 8 months ago

UX Developers are an integral part of our UX team and bridge the gap between UX and Engineering. They are responsible for building and maintaining exceptional user experiences for over a million merchants – and their customers – worldwide. Along with creating the thoughtful interfaces our users have come to expect, our UX Developers help shape our design language and contribute to our shared component libraries in a maintainable and scalable way within Shopify’s technical architecture. 

Shopify is the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform, with no plans to slow down. We’re looking for people to join the team who are excited about building human-centred experiences. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and advance. You’ll have the creative freedom to make a real difference in the world of commerce and the support to bring your whole self to work. 

Just a heads up - we have a few different types of development-focused roles, two of them being Web Developers and UX Developers. These each have their own specific craft expectations which supplement and complement our UX Expectations and RD Expectations. Before applying for this Senior UX Developer role, take a look at the differences to see which side you’re more interested in. 

UX Developers:

  • Work mainly at the UI layer 
    • Approach the problem from a UX perspective 
      • Thinking about UX first and foremost
        • Work very closely with other UX disciplines (UX research, design, content strategy)
          • Focus on reusability, inclusiveness (accessibility, internationalization) performance and high-quality interactions (For example, different browsers, devices, different interfaces like touch, click, voice, i18n)
            • Have a deep understanding of CSS
              • Create inclusive designs, prototypes, and validate user interface uncertainties
                • Help identify technical constraints and new APIs
                  • Develop and own the user interface building blocks and work with engineering to hydrate the user interfaces
                  • Want to learn a bit more? Check out Alex Page’s post on “ Why we have user experience developers at Shopify” .

                    Web Developers:

                    • Work mainly across the data and feature layers
                      • Approach the problem from an engineering perspective
                        • Think about technical solutions first and foremost
                          • Understand basic web application architecture and patterns, such as MVC and Ruby on Rails
                            • Understand HTTP and how to fetch data for a client-side application using an API
                              • Keep up to date with JavaScript language features, including both classic (ES3, ES5) and modern (ES2015–ESNext) features (this also applies to UX Developers)
                                • Have a basic understanding of modern CSS, particularly layout properties like flexbox, and be able to stretch into more complex CSS when building a component outside of our component libraries
                                  • Have a basic understanding of HTML semantics and ARIA roles, and know their correct application (e.g. labels always need to be present and match to an input, use real buttons, avoid links without hrefs, heading levels make sense, etc.)
                                    • Bring additional considerations to designers and UX Developers and work with them to find solutions (e.g. performance impact of designs, keyboard navigation, parts that can’t be easily rendered on the server, etc.)
                                    • Thinking a Web Developer role might be a better fit? Search “Web Developer” on our careers page.

                                      Relevant experience for the role:

                                      • Expertise in building user interfaces that are interactive, inclusive, performant, and reusable
                                        • Knowledge about most modern standardized JavaScript language features, especially how they relate to interactions, animations, and performance 
                                          • Knowledge about modern CSS language features, including Flexbox, CSS Grid, feature queries
                                            • An understanding of HTML semantics and ARIA roles, and knowing their correct application
                                              • Expertise in building modular, reusable, flexible components and accessible interfaces, especially with React
                                                • Working in a cross-discipline environment with designers and other developers to prototype early concepts to vet ideas
                                                  • Collaborating on new technologies and processes within a company or community
                                                    • Awareness of web accessibility and empathy for building products for people with different abilities and needs
                                                    • Responsibilities:

                                                      • Learn the latest front end technologies and standards to ensure we are always using the best techniques possible
                                                        • Collaborate with Product Designers, Product Content Strategists, and UX Researchers
                                                          • Be an advocate throughout the company for great UX
                                                            • Learn through peer mentorship and collaboration
                                                            • Bonus Experience:

                                                              • Managing an open source library
                                                                • Experience in a UX development role on a commerce site, or a marketing site promoting a product or service
                                                                  • Experience with product design systems
                                                                    • Experience with TypeScript
                                                                    • You'll be working with... 

                                                                      As a Senior UX Developer, you'll be working with one of the following teams: 

                                                                      International Growth - We’re bringing global merchants onto our platform, we’re making them successful wherever they are and whomever they’re selling to. We’re also leading the charge and empowering the rest of Shopify to innovate outside North America. 

                                                                      Marketing - We’re all about telling our story. Marketing is a craft that serves the purpose of telling our product, merchant and employee stories, and continuing to grow Shopify. On this team, you’ll play a key part in amplifying our message, and helping our merchants see the value of our ever-growing platform.

                                                                      Shipping - We’re all about making shipping and fulfillment easier and affordable for our merchants. Whether they’re just starting up or scaling out, we allow our merchants to ship confidently with simplified tools. 

                                                                      Store Management - Store Management is what merchants login to -- it's the interface of their business(es). It’s also where merchants spend most of their time. Merchants go there to set up their store(s), manage their products, pricing, collections, inventory, orders, and fulfillment, and make decisions based on reports, insights, and recommendations. We strive to be the heart and brain of businesses small to large. 

                                                                      Polaris - Polaris is Shopify’s design system. It helps us work together to build a great experience for all of Shopify’s users. Our team manages our style guide and the documentation you see on, our React component library, and the education and advocacy for the design system. The future of Polaris is exciting, and we need your help to solve problems at scale.

                                                                      If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce at Shopify, click the “Apply Now” button to submit your application.

                                                                      We know that applying to a new role takes a lot of work and we truly value your time. We are looking forward to reading your application!

                                                                      Learn more about our UX team on the Shopify UX blog

                                                                      Closing date: Monday, August 24th at 9am EDT.

                                                                      At Shopify, we are committed to building and fostering an environment where our employees feel included, valued, and heard. Our belief is that a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion enables us to truly make commerce better for everyone. We strongly encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people from gender and sexually diverse communities and/or people with intersectional identities.

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