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Senior Tech Lead

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Posted 9 months ago

The Background

The business world is encumbered by the burdens of bookkeeping, sluggishly pulling against the gravity of archaic software, manual operations, and an altogether lousy understanding of financial position. 

inDinero seeks a Senior Development Lead with deep technical leadership experience and a mind hell-bent on innovation. You are seasoned enough to steer a steady ship and still approach technology with childlike wonder. You are a through-and-through technician who is in the code every day. You are an approachable leader who cultivates collaboration and models good behavior.

• You go way back: 10+ years full-stack web app development experience

• Paramount fundamentals: inhale product requirements, exhale web application code to serve pristine end-user experiences.

• Patterned design: readable object-oriented architecture, database, client-server, and deployment designs, including the tools and frameworks we like: Ruby, Rails, React, PostGreSQL, Docker, and AWS.

• Visual thinker: you're no graphic artist but you know good when you see it. 

• Process assassin: deeply practical approach to Scrum—sprint planning to standups, triage and retros, including taking tools to the max like Asana,, Notion.

• Archivist: Self-documenting code, Notion page for everything.

• Git mojo: code reviewer, rebasing master, conflict resolver, hot-fix merger

• Slacker: you type the type and walk the walk.

• Your word is your bond. 

• Your leadership is friendly.

Job Summary

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Portland, OR, US Location

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