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We are searching for an engineer who is passionate about building shared network tools & services as a force multiplier. Our team builds and supports tools & services that allow product teams to use the Envoy API Gateway to reduce or eliminate overhead of common network problems such as authentication, authorization, rate limiting, CSRF validation and more. The right candidate will be passionate about the problem space and motivated to create shared tools & services that are easy to use.  

Culturally our team will look and feel very much like a highly collaborative start-up. We value innovation, so much so that we have quarterly Hackweeks; a week each quarter to work on relevant pet projects and features. 

This position is available for remote work in the US, Chicago, Salt Lake City or Philadelphia, with some travel required. 

Alot of our work is open source, even some our primary product (Canvas). Check us out on Github: 

What We Do:

* We are engineers with experience building innovative internal tools that help engineers be more productive, specifically by providing out of the box solutions to common networking problems.

* We are a mixed stack and polyglot team with a deep commitment to quality and to using the right tech for each problem we solve.

* Our engineers become the primary owners of services that enable product teams to execute on product instead of infrastructure.

* We use Ruby, Go, Bash, C++, Linux, and AWS technologies including EC2. We rely heavily on open source libraries, tools services, most notably Envoy, Bazel, and Hashicorp Vault, Consul Terraform.

* We review code and participate in technical design reviews.We work with product management to refine requirements and scope projects.

What We Look For:

* Experience with Amazon Web Services and developing against Amazon APIs.

* Experience programming in Go, C++ or Ruby.

* Experience with containers like Docker, Kubernetes, etc. (We currently use Docker).

* Experience with Terraform, Ansible or other infrastructure as code tools.

* Experience creating or managing a CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins, Git/Gerrit, Spinnaker etc.).

* Previous experience working fully remote.

* 7+ years of professional Software Development experience. 

* MS/B in Computer Science or applicable development camp certificate preferred

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