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Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

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Posted 9 months ago

The Position

  • The API team is responsible for building and maintaining all aspects of the Unsplash backend, including: all user facing features, search infrastructure, caching, database performance, experimentation framework, and contributor statistics. More here.
  • Ruby on Rails API handling 10B+ requests per month, powering 10,000+ products including, Medium, Buzzfeed, Squarespace, Facebook, Google, Wix, more:
  • Current team of 4 Ruby engineers, 4 web engineers, 1 mobile engineer, 1 data engineer, shipping features to 25M monthly active users, 70M+ monthly API users.
    • Make key decisions on architecture, infrastructure, patterns, etc. for new systems and iterations of current systems
    • Support and design the technical implementation of the visual search engine, recommendations, and related content algorithms
    • Support scaling of API platform to 100B+ requests per month
      • 2+ years experience working with a large Ruby on Rails codebase
      • 2+ years experience working on a high-traffic Ruby on Rails site
        • Experience working with search systems and Elasticsearch

        • Pragmatism
        • Good at communicating asynchronously via text
        • Organized
        • Ships early and often
        • Self motivated

Job Summary

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