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Senior Backend Infrastructure Developer Roll20

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Posted 9 months ago

Roll20 is the only free, community-based tabletop gaming software dedicated to bringing players together regardless of distance, experience, gaming system or hardware. We are looking for a Senior Backend Infrastructure Developer.

In this role you will work within a cross-functional team supporting our Virtual Tabletop, building tools and automation to improve our development workflows, improve system stability, and support new feature development.  You will streamline, deploy and iteration processes, architect and improve instrumentation and alerting, and develop backend service endpoints.  As a Senior Developer you will also provide guidance and mentorship to other developers, helping them to adopt a Devops mindset and improve their craft. 

*mid/staff level applicants will be considered


* Optimize build and deployments with a goal of moving systems incrementally towards full CI/CD.

* Develop solutions for A/B testing, red/green and canary deploys.

* Iterate with designers and frontend developers to shorten iteration times and improve feedback loops.

* Automate routine infrastructure tasks and incident response plays.

* Create new backend features to support ongoing feature development.

* Create and document Infrastructure plans to be implemented by other teams.

Skills we are looking for:

* 5+ years in development on SaaS, Web, or DevOps systems and Infrastructures

* Experience With:

* Ruby

* Javascript/HTML5/CSS

* Version Control Systems (Git, preferred)

* Build and automation tools (for example: CircleCI, Travis CI, Ansible)

* Cloud-based hosting

* Containers and Orchestration (for example: Docker, Kubernetes)

* Performance Monitoring Tools (for example: New Relic, Datadog, Nagios)

* Excellent technical writing and documentation

We will also look at:

* Experience with telemetry gathering and dashboard creation

* API Design

* Microservice Resiliency Ecosystem Tools, (eg. Configuration and Discovery services, Chaos Engineering, API Gateways, Rate Limiting)

* Knowledge of Specific Ruby frameworks (Sinatra, Padrino)

This is a remote-first workplace - we all work remotely. This means we want to see examples your ability to work independently. This is a full-time exempt position. Compensation includes salary and benefits including health insurance, group life and personal accident insurance, and an employee assistance program, as well as a 401K with employer matching.

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